Medicare suffix – HIC number suffix

Medicare Suffixes

Effective for cards issued in or after September 1990, HCFA is revising the appearance and composition of Medicare Cards.

The new cards are plastic, not paper. The new cards will show “Part A” immediately following “Hospital” and “Part B” immediately following “Medical”. Beginning in spring, 1991, the word “Medicare” is added in two places on the front of the card. Paper Medicare cards issued before the changeover to the new cards are still valid.


A Retired worker over 65 or disabled worker

B Wife (over 65) of retired or disabled worker

B1 Husband of retired or disabled worker

B2 Wife whose entitlement is dependent on the care of a child

B3 Second wife

B4 Second husband

B5 Second wife (entitlement dependent on a child)

B6 Ex-wife (entitlement dependent on a child)

B7 Third wife (entitlement dependent on a child)

B8 Third wife

B9 Third husband

C Child (including a disabled child or a student). Suffixes assigned by age, i.e.:

C1 Youngest Child

C2 Next youngest child

C? Etc.

D Widow

D1 Widower

D2 Second Widow

D3 Second Widower

D4 Widow who remarried after age 60

D5 Widower who remarried after age 62

D6 Surviving ex-wife

D7 Second surviving ex-wife

E Widowed mother

E1 Mother (ex-wife) who survives the retired worker

E2 Second widowed mother

E3 Second mother (ex-wife) who survives the retired worker

F Parent category (the F suffix is never used alone) for aged dependents

F1 Father

F2 Mother

F3 Stepfather

F4 Stepmother

F5 Adoptive father

F6 Adoptive mother

F7 Second “alleged” father

F8 Second “alleged” mother

J & K Special beneficiaries whose entitlement depends on the quarters of employment that they have under social security.

J1, J2, K1, K2 Entitled to Part A.
J3, J4, K3, K4 Not entitled to Part A, may purchase Part A.

M An individual enrolled in Part B who is not entitled to retirement and survivor’s or Railroad Retirement insurance and is not eligible for Part A but may purchase Part A coverage.

M1 An individual enrolled in Part B who meets the requirements for Part A but has not applied.

T An individual entitled to Part A benefits but not to retirement and survivor’s or Railroad Retirement insurance or who is entitled to Medicare based on chronic renal disease. It applies whether or not the beneficiary elects to receive Part B.

W Disabled widow

W1 Disabled widower

W2 Second disabled widow

W3 Second disabled widower

W6 Disabled surviving ex-wife

W7 Second disabled surviving ex-wife

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