Medicare denial CO – 16, CO – 18, CO – 45

Denial code co -16 – Claim/service lacks information which is needed for adjudication.

Explanation and solutions – It means some information missing in the claim form. This code always come with additional code hence look the additional code and find out what information missing. Resubmit the cliaim with corrected information.

Denial code co – 18 – Duplicate claim/service.
Explanation and solutions – It means that claim has been submitted more than once. Check the claim history if the submitted dates are small

interval period then wait for original claim stauts or call IVR and find the original claims stats.

Denial code co – 45 – Charges exceed your contracted/legislated fee arrangement.

Explanation and solutions – It means that the billed which is more than Medicare allowed amount is adjustment. Just write it off.

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