Insurance claims timley filing limit – aetna, bcbs, cigna, humana, greatwest

1) Aetna: 120 days.
2) Amerigroup: 180 days.

3) Bcbs: 1yr.

4) Cigna: 180 days.

5) Humana: 15 months.

6) Greatwest: 1yr.

7) Medicare: 1 – 2 Year.

8) Medicaid: 1yr.

9) Rail Road Medicare: 1yr.

10) United Healthcare: 90 days.

11) Universal Healthcare: Depends upon the provider’s contract.

12) Polk Healthcare (Community Healthplan): 180 days.

13) Medicare Complete: 180 days.

14) Ever care: 180 days.

15) Quality Health Plan: 180 days.

I have listed the some common insurance timly filing limit. If you know some other insurance please use the comments section to help others.

Medicare timely filing limit
Type of service codes

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  1. Barbara Bowers

    Medicare’s timely filing was 1 year as of January of 2010 and we just got letters from Cigna stating that they’ve gone to a 90-day timely filing policy. Is your information newer or older than what I have?

  2. Thanks for drafting useful information :smile:

  3. Hi Barbara,, it all depends on the Insurance plan,,,, like Cigna Insurance general filing limit is 180 days but there are some plans which have 90 days filing limit :smile:

  4. Good Raj kumar :wink:

  5. Thanks for share information

  6. I’m sorry but this information is not correct, it is the exact copy and paste from something they posted in 2008 (found from my other searches on the website) Barbara the information you have is more up to date than this…. VERY UN-useful!!!!

  7. It might be a cinga supplementary plan

  8. Cigna rep stated that, TFL for In network provider is 90 days from date of Service. which is right? :roll:

    • cigna in network provider tfl woulf be 90days, on for all other suplemantry plan it is 180days which they are reprising to other ins. :idea: :lol:

  9. Timely Filing is 180 days for the Department of Veteran Affairs

  10. Timely Filing for United HealthCare’s ERISA Based (Employer Group) plans is 180 days with the Federal Government (i.e. The Dept of VA)

  11. Thanks admin for posting this info

  12. Hi,

    Now Cigna, UHC and Aetna claim filing limit is 90 days from DOS.

  13. 90 days frm the DOS :razz:

  14. participating health care professional claims submitted three (3) months [90 days] after the date of service
    out-of-network claims submitted six (6) months [180 days] after the date of service

  15. enter correct information next time i dn’t want such incorrect info.

  16. Ins Cigna….
    –>participating health care professional claims submitted three (3) months [90 days] after the date of service;
    –>out-of-network claims submitted six (6) months [180 days] after the date of service.


  17. Per HUMANA Commercial Claims must be submitted within the time stipulated in the provider agreement or the applicable state law.
    Generally, these claims must be submitted within:
    *180 days from the date of service for physicians
    *90 days from the date of service for facilities and ancillary providers
    MEDICARE Advantage:Claims must be submitted within one calendar year from the date of service.

  18. Guys please add this kind of useful info… its really helpful. :smile:

  19. i need tfl and appeal filing limit for my family med group,pls provide med the answer as soon as possible.

  20. This list is obsolete.

  21. Wht is the TFL for bcbs il for current year?

  22. I haven’t tried it extensively yet, however, but for me it looks very promising.

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  25. what’s the timely filling limit for MMOH (Medical Mutual of Ohio). I was told that it’s 2 years..just wanted to confirm

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