eClinicalWorks – Medical Billing software review


Option * HUB * All documents related to a patient say like past history, visit notes, Dx billed, Lab, Pharmacy, Immunization, Bill raised, Scheduler, check in, Notes, Remainders, Authorization, Referral etc would all be listed under HUB.  This would help a Coder to examine a patient’s complete records during Coding process.

Option * Fee Schedule * Flexibility of selecting fee schedule template during charge entry enables to change fee schedule template whenever required for any claim of a patient.

Option * E-Prescription Tracking * This feature is developed very well that physicians could easily track prescription details of any patient.  Dual link with the pharmacist enables E-prescription tracking to work on its ease.

Option * TOS * Automatic reflection of Type of Service in the claim during charge entry enable us to avoid missing of this information in HCFA or submission of a claim.

Option * ICD codes * Allows to add nearly 30 ICDs in a claim.  This helps to coders to record all the ICDs that were marked for a patient for record purpose.

Option * Telephonic Encounters * On receiving any concerns or complaints or comments with regard to bill or any would directly be updated under the given feature.  Based on the received information billers would take action.

Option * Chief complaints and HPI Association * This helps to map chief complaints and HPI under progress notes of the patients if required

Option * Physical Examination and CPT association * this feature helps to associate CPT codes during update of physical examination itself.

Option * ePayment * Electronic mode of patient payment acceptance feature is available with eClinicalWorks

Option * CDSS * typically designed to integrate a medical knowledge base, patient data and an inference engine to generate case specific advice.


On the Billers end, this software has got only minimum comfort of usage since we need to get into number of different windows to view on any patient or claims information.  This could be graded @ 80%


With regard to customer support with eClinicalWorks we need to raise tickets by calling them, to any issues to be resolved. Representatives would call us back inquiring on the issues and try to find solution for the same.  Delayed responses are the so far results on customer support and would be graded @ 60%


Yes, this software is featured for multiple specialties


Tracking of claims for follow up is not that easy with this software.


Basic reports for patients, providers and billers were designed in IMS.  But much advanced reports for multiple specialties are still under construction. They need to improve in this area lot.

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