CPT modifier 26 and TC

Modifiers 26 and TC

Recently Palmetto GBA has noticed a number of diagnostic services being filed on the same day by different providers. In some of these instances one provider has filed for either the professional or the technical component while the other provider has filed a global charge. It is important to make sure you only file for the portion of the services you rendered.

If you are billing for the interpretation or the technical component of a diagnostic procedure, p lease ensure that you use the appropriate modifier. If you are performing the professional component of a service you
should indicate this by using the 26 modifier. If you are performing the technical component of the service you will need to indicate this using the TC modifier. Please note that only one service for each component is appropriate per service and absence of a modifier indicates a global service and failure to utilize the appropriate modifier will result in an overpayment made to your office.

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