Aetna Address and Phone number

AETNA Billing Address

Aetna has more address but usually accept all the claims whatever address you submit from the below list. Get the electronic payor id for Faster process.

PO BOX 569000 MIAMI FL 33256 800-452-8633
P O BOX 14079 LEXINGTON KY 40512 800-548-3945
P O BOX 14089 LEXINGTON KY 40512-4089 800-354-5835
PO BOX 14100 LEXINGTON KY 40512-4100 800-424-4047
PO BOX 14586 LEXINGTON KY 40512-4586 888-632-3862
PO BOX 23759 COLUMBIA SC 29224-3759 800-391-5367
PO BOX 981107 EL PASO TX 79998 800-223-3580
P O BOX 981109 EL PASO TX 79998-1109 800-777-3240
PO BOX 981107 EL PASO TX 79998-1107 800-245-1206
Genral phone numbers
Aetna B,M ,W 888-632-3862
Aetna HMO 800-624-0756

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  1. Please direct me to the appropriate individual
    responsible for medical compression garments and
    their reimbursement rates. There seems to be a
    problem with the reimbursement and costs of the
    items. I would like to have a meeting with the
    person in charge.
    Thank you.

  2. Dr. Editha B. UY

    Dear Sir:
    This office receives checks from Aetna. We opened the EOB. Look at the check number and my Tax number. Last week when I click on this, it asked for a check number. I typed the check number. Wala, the computer tells me the check belong to what patient of mine.
    Today the same is NOT true. I did exactly as I did last week, but nothing came out of it. Therefore, the several checks I received from Aeta cannot be credited to my patients. Help? What do I need to do to avoid all this unnecessary frustrations?

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